Member Testimonials

  • Virginia Yee, Chinese American living in Hong Kong, former banker

    "It is so economical having this set-up. There is very little capital commitment. The whole fractional concept is very appealing, very progressive. It offers the utmost flexibility. It is similar to owning a debenture in Hong Kong. It is convenient and practical, it means I can enjoy London as a home.

    Residences like this make you feel absolutely secure that you can come on your own. The staff know you by name and there is only one entry point. This really is a house.

    Many of my friends have second homes; one has spent 18 months redecorating hers; another always has something falling apart. ‘I should just do what you do', they say."

    47 Park Street Member since 2008
  • Frederik and Natasha Ohldieck, retired couple from Norway

    "The service is the best part of our stay, it is impeccable. We tend to use our kitchen for breakfast and perhaps a light supper. We book our tables for dinner and our tickets for the opera through Peter the concierge and also leave behind some of our personal effects such as toiletries for our next visit."

    47 Park Street Member since 2006
  • Richard Peck, award-winning author from New York

    "For me, a hotel visit does not equate to a holiday so I try to spend as little time in them as possible. Before finding out about 47 Park Street, I used to rent flats in Chelsea but found this sometimes stressful and time consuming."

    Richard loves the familiarity and discreet service that is afforded by 47 Park Street. ‘The staff are like family to me'.

    47 Park Street Member since 2003
  • Felicia Cleper Borkovi, architect based in US and UK

    "47 Park Street has the feeling of a home, a cocoon in the heart of London. Seeing 47 Park Street for the first time was like love at first sight, and opting for a Membership there was certainly a decision made by the heart. The fact that I can leave personal items here, like my books, is very convenient and gives me a much-needed illusion of stability and continuity while living in London.."

    47 Park Street Member since 2004
  • Daniela de Simone, solicitor based in Milan

    "I decided to opt for fractional ownership after much consideration. You can have all the benefits of home ownership without the hassle and at a fraction of the cost. It is perfect for me also because I only need the house just for a couple of weeks every year.

    I'm very glad of the fact that I when I come to Park Street I don't have to worry about setting up the suite or any such preoccupations. Every single time I come to London I am treated like a queen. The fridge is full all the time from the minute I step into the suite, with all what I have previously asked.

    The Butler Service is amazing, I don't have to pre-order my items as they already do it for me. On my arrival I also can find the pictures of my sons in their frames on the wall. The room is always clean and tidy.

    I really can't be more pleased about this purchase, it is simply amazing. I'm very happy with the security, concierge and room service. The staff are highly professional all the time. If there is anything at all I need I have just to ask."

    47 Park Street Member since 2005
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